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Installing Hudson under Ubuntu with apt-get

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Nice description how easy it is to install hudson under Ubuntu:

The biggest advantage is the automatic update with apt.

Ok after playing around it’s easier to download the WAR-File and deploy it in my Tomcat6. 😉 After that you will get a nice AccessControlException, which blocks the access to a Class because of the Security Manager. This can be disabled with editing the „/etc/default/tomcat6“.

Solution was found here:

After you did this you should add the -DHUDSON_HOME=… in /etc/default/tomcat6 and do a chown, because the tomcat is running under the user tomcat6 and will not have enough rights, to create files there.

Also found some of the hints here:


Activating APEX for Oracle XE

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I often search for the command, how to activate APEX under Oracle XE.

SQLPLUS Command:

After that you can access APEX under http://yourhost:8080/apex or your defined port.