Installing Windows Home Server 2011 on a HP X312 DataVault

Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2011 in Windows
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The last weeks, I waited for the News, that the Windows Home Server 2011 is available. (on MSDN/Technet)

After I found the news (thx to Twitter) I started some hours later the download and searched for some Tutorials, how to install it. There are a lot of them out there, but nothing of them really helped me out, because I stumbled into some stupid User Failures and Hardware Limitations.

Installing WHS 2011 on X312 DataVault:
– download the ISO for the WHS 2011
– create a bootable USB-Stick with the Help of a Microsoft Tool (
– create the necessary config file (cfg.ini) for the headless installation and copy it to your USB-Stick
– remove all hard disks from your HP
– put the hard disks which should be the new OS drive into Slot 4 (because my system doesn’t boot from USB Stick, if there is a HDD in Slot 1 with nothing on it)
– place the USB Stick in the Bottom Rear Slot
– start the HP (if you have a USB Stick with a LED it should start blinking after a while)
– the Server Installation will be started and the Installation Files will be copied to the OS drive
– the server tries to restart (in my case it booted again from the usb stick and nothing happened after that)
– remove the usb stick
– restart you HP
-> the Headless Installation starts
– check you Router for a new Server with an IP
– point your browser to http://IP
– follow the Web Site for the Installation

Attention: I had the problem that the Installation abort during the initial Partition creation. The Problem is, that Windows is extending your „cfg.ini“ with the line „Processed=true“. This is a little tweak to save the system, that it doesn’t reinstalls every time.
So if the Installation aborts, take the USB-Stick from your HP and remove the Line to start again.

„cfg.ini“ File:
#at least 8 chars with Upper-Case Letters, Numbers, Lower-Case Letters and Special Characters like #
PasswordHint=Password Hint

Hope it helps somebody 🙂

  1. Mike sagt:

    Thanks for the article, i am getting a x312 next week and plan to give this a try ! 🙂

  2. Christian sagt:

    Hi Daniel,

    did you need any additional drivers for the X312 in order to run WHS2011 properly?
    If yes, do you have any links for them?

    Thanks alot

  3. Phil sagt:

    how long does it take to see a result?

    • It really depends. I checked the Site for the Installer after ~3h. (BTW: I walked to my Server and listen if it is running or if it was finished.)

      Like described. If the installation didn’t finished. Check your Stick and the Log File if the Flag „processed“ was set.

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