Windows Home Server 2011 with cool Features?

Veröffentlicht: April 17, 2011 in Windows

A lot of people are bashing Microsoft for removing the Drive Extender, because of:
– there is no automatic mirroring of their files
– they don’t have the possibility to great big all-in-one volumes

Today I’m migrating my old DriveExtender Folders to my new WHS 2011 and had a look at the „Server Manager“. In the „Server Manager“ you find the Disk Management from Windows.
After some quick look, I found pretty cool Features:
– Stripset Volume
– Mirrored Volume
– Spanning Volume

With a Mirrored One, you have the same functionalities like with DriveExtender, but without the CPU expensive DE Application. (this was the first one, I deactivate, because my system was not able to do anything)

With a Stipset One, you get the possibilities, that the Files are spread over several Hard Drives, so you can take advantage of the power of multiple reads.

With a Spanned One, you get exactly the possibility the most of the People want. They want a big Volume, with the size of 3 HDD. (I can’t understand it – buy a bigger drive if you need to :))

So try to learn a little bit about Windows and you get a whole bunch of exciting features. If you don’t want to, buy a tool like DriveBender or whatever, which is a DriveExtender for WHS2011.

  1. DevNull sagt:

    windows home server AND cool is an oxymoron.

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