Activating APEX for Oracle XE

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I often search for the command, how to activate APEX under Oracle XE.

SQLPLUS Command:

After that you can access APEX under http://yourhost:8080/apex or your defined port.


Win7 – Shortcuts – Fast Access

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Did you know that you can start the Programs in your Tasklist with Win-Key and Number 1 – 9?

Another pretty cool feature!

win 7 - Fast Access

I’m playing around with the Features of the latest Java Plugin for Browsers.
I just can say, you should really use the JavaScript one, to create Applet- or Webstart-Tags.

Due this new features I decided to deploy my applet with Java Webstart and created a JNLP file. Works like a charm.

But after I started my applet in Standalone Mode with my created Desktop-Icon, I couldn’t resize my applications. Normally you would call the Methode „setResizable“, but JApplet doesn’t provide one.

So here is the Solution I found for this problem without developing an Extra Class to launch my Applet as an Application.

Solution -> extend the JApplet.init() Method:

Window window = SwingUtilities.windowForComponent(this);
if (window instanceof JFrame){
JFrame frame = (JFrame)window;
if (!frame.isResizable()){

If you are working with JAX-WS and ever wondered, why you get a, don’t wonder. The Server is trying to send you an Error Page. So have a look at your Application Server or Servlet Container.

Should UTF-8 be the Default Encoding for the Java?

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Vote if UTF-8 should be the Default Encoding and not the Platform specific one.

Win7 – Shortcuts

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Did you ever asked yourself how to easily shift your Windows? Use Windows-Key with Key Left/Right and with Shift to Maximize/Minimize Windows.

Another cool and useful Shortcut under Windows 7.

Thanks to Julian Reschke for the Tip.

How-to Shift Windows in Windows 7

Win7 – Shortcuts

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It’s just a short time I using Windows 7 Enterprise and I’m searching for the coolest features/shortcuts.

Use Windows-Key and Tab to use the „cool Tab-Switching“.

Switching Windows in Windows 7

Lesetipps – Apache, Tomcat, Load Balancing, Cluster, SSL, …

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Guter Blog mit Infos,

wie man einen Apache und einen Tomcat konfiguriert, um Features wie Load Balancing, SSL und vieles mehr nutzen zu können.

Enable JMX

Veröffentlicht: März 26, 2010 in Java

Und was such ich noch immer wieder… 🙂 Wie schalte ich JMX im Tomcat an. 😉

Geht doch! 🙂

Windows Service entfernen

Veröffentlicht: März 26, 2010 in Windows

Da ich es immer wieder Suche, brauch ich mal einen eigenen Punkt, wo ich es vermerke.
Wie entferne ich einen Dienst unter Windows:
sc delete <servicename> (Doppelklick auf Service im Dienst-Manager)

Danke! 🙂